What we do...

"You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do."
Henry Ford

Company revitalization

Many companies, at a certain stage of their business, find themselves in a situation where they stop pushing for further development and they start to step backwards.
It is the time to start transforming the company by applying modern technologies and management systems.


Generational changes

Today, many companies face a generational challenge. Many owners have been building their companies for more than 25 years and they start facing a situation when it is time to hand over company management to a successor or sell/rent the company. We are here to help you with the generational transition.

Process automation

Do you have functional and efficient internal processes in your company? Do you use modern systems to reduce costs? Today, the market is oversaturated with offers of various kinds, from which choosing the right ones, suitable for your business, is not easy at all. We are happy to provide our advice to improve your business. 

Technical support for car workshops

Using Beecam technology, our specialists communicate with diagnostics and mechanics hundreds of kilometers away and help car repair shops to effectively deal with uncommon and complicated vehicle repairs. Don't waste yout time and money, take Beecam communication kit on and always have a specialist on hand.

Augmented reality Beecam

Remote consulting is part of automated processes and achieving greater efficiency of your company. Modern communication technologies are a current trend today and the use of augmented reality brings many benefits. Your employee will be connected with a specialist who sees and hears everything you need and is ready to help immediately. Don't waste your time and money looking for an unnecessary and random solutions or waiting for a specialist to arrive.