Who we are

Who we are

Most members of our Beecam team have more than 30-year experience at various positions in the automotive area and we have been dedicated to providing help and support to car and vehicle importers and dealers for all our entire carrier lifetime.

In 2019 we have embraced and unified all our knowledge and experience under the Beecam brand in order to focus on targeted help and support to all who are ready to take a challenge and to accept a change in order to improve business.

Our Beecam team is a group of individuals and experts from various corners of the automotive business and thanks to that we are able to help our clients with all their business issues.
We really like to be fast and go to basics and therefore we love Augmented Reality technology which helps us to be in several locations at the same time.

Jan Laube

CEO & Strategy Director

Honza Karnolt

Diagnostic expert & VIP Beecam specialist

Josef Förster

Senior Consultant & Audit specialist

Michael Karnolt

Sales Director & Beecam Connect administrator

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